4 Steps to Successful Trading, from Stop Loss to Change Perspective!

4 Steps to Successful Trading, from Stop Loss to Change Perspective

Forex trading is accessible, interesting, educational and offers many opportunities. However, many people fail to have successful trading. This is because they do not learn how to trade successfully.

In fact, a high percentage of traders end up losing more money than they make. Learning to trade successfully, not only forex, but any financial market, can be difficult and certainly not something you will get in one day.

This article will teach you how to trade successfully and how to trade on the live market. In addition, this article will show you successful trading practices for beginners.

There are a series of rules or rules that you must obey so that you can trade successfully.

Check out this series of rules for successful trading so that you can make successful trades.

Follow this successful trading method so that you earn money

The first rule of successful trading is to always use a trading plan. A trading plan is a set of written rules that describe a trader’s management in making entry, exit, and money decisions .

By using a trading plan, a trader will have good management. Although this rule is quite time-consuming.

Then, to be successful, you have to treat trading as a business, not just a hobby. If you only think of trading as a hobby, you will have no commitment to it. So, you should think of trading as your business or job.

The next successful way is to take advantage of technological sophistication. Trading is a competitive business. In order to survive in this competition, it would be better if you take advantage of technology. For example, using charting platforms to find out the variety of methods that can be used to view and analyze the market.

The next step is to protect your trading capital. Then you also have to be a market learner. That means you have to keep learning and learning about the market. A trader must continue to focus and learn every day. It is understandable that the market is always changing. Thus, learning about this market is a lifelong process.

The next way to successful trading is to understand the risks. You must understand all the risks involved in trading. Then, you should choose the trade with the least risk. For example, don’t use the funds that you should have allocated for education costs and house installments for trading. The risk is enormous if you fail.

4 further steps to successful trading

#1 Develop a trading methodology based on facts

You can have emotions and expectations when you are trading. However, to achieve success, you should not get too carried away by those emotions and expectations when developing a trading methodology.

You should use facts and data when developing a trading methodology. This is important because what you are betting on here is your big capital. So, logic in gathering facts to be compiled into a methodology is the key.

#2 Always use stop loss

Stop loss is the lowest limit value determined to limit losses. When the price movement touches this value, the system will automatically close the order or position.

This stop loss can be in the form of a nominal currency or a percentage, both of which are used to limit and reduce potential losses in trading.

#3 How to trade successfully – Know when to stop

There are two main reasons why trading should be stopped. First, ineffective trading planning. Second , an ineffective trader.

An ineffective trading plan will usually result in large losses. While an ineffective trader can be the cause of no less big losses.

A trader becomes ineffective due to several factors. One of them is because he is not able to follow the trading plan that has been prepared. A trader can also become ineffective due to external factors such as stressors , bad habits, and lack of physical activity.

#4 Keeping perspective

It’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture or map when someone is trading. Failed or losing trades are common and shouldn’t come as a surprise.

On the contrary, successful trading is a step towards profitable trading. Cumulative profit is what distinguishes the two.

That’s how you can learn. As long as you understand the successful trading tips above, it’s not difficult to start trading.

Becoming a trader allows you to work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can work from home, hotel rooms, cafes, even all over the world.

The sooner you start the successful way of trading, the better because your steps towards successful trading will be closer. Come on, start learning trading!

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Written by Hilman Wijaya

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