6 Negative Stigma Still Attached to Insurance

6 Negative Stigma Still Attached to Insurance

The world of social media (medsos) is in the midst of a case of alleged fraud by a well-known insurance company against an artist. Again about claims that do not match expectations.

Indeed, insurance has always been notoriously complicated. Because, everything must be based on the provisions of the policy. In the end, customers are disappointed.

Insurance is now a necessity. However, many people are still shunned. Why? That’s because there is still an assumption that insurance seems bad, has no profit, and even makes customers lose.

What are the negative stigmas attached to insurance? Here’s the answer:

1. Waste of money

Insurance offers benefits in the form of protection against risks that may occur. But in fact, there are still many people who are reluctant to register for insurance for reasons of wasting money.

They think that food is more important than insurance. Or think that you are still healthy, fresh, fit, sane, what is insurance for? Have to spend again every month, while many other needs.

In fact, if you calculate it, you can buy insurance with premiums that match your financial condition. The benefits received may also be greater than the premium paid.

For example, with a premium of Rp. 200 thousand per month, you can pocket hundreds of millions of rupiah in insurance when you are sick, in an accident, or die. In five years, the total premium is only Rp. 12 million.

Seeing the difference between the premium and the sum insured, do you still want to say that insurance is just a waste of money? Try to understand again.

2. The claim process is difficult

For premium payments, insurance companies usually always make it easier for customers. But the turn to make a claim is complicated. In ping pong here and there, it’s not clear.

So many people think. The insurance claim process consumes energy and time because it takes a long time. Not to mention, having to prepare various supporting documents and wait whether the claim is accepted or rejected.

It’s been a long wait, even then the claim is not necessarily accepted. Claims can be rejected for a number of reasons, such as lacking documents, being invalid, or other alibis.

Actually, the process of submitting an insurance claim can run smoothly if the customer completes all the required documents. That way, the reimbursement of costs can be disbursed according to the specified time.

For example, in a health insurance claim, the required documents that must be completed include, among others, a photocopy of a valid identity card, original details of all treatment costs, a photocopy of a medical report, filling out a claim application form, as well as other supporting documents, such as a photocopy of laboratory results, drug prescriptions, etc.

3. There is a guise of fraud

There are individuals or criminals who deceive customers. Lure cheap premiums, claims are very easy and fast, but it turns out to be a scam.

It’s natural that people, including you, don’t believe in insurance. However, not all insurance companies are like that. Therefore, make sure you apply for or buy insurance at a trusted insurance company. Those who are licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

In addition, if you buy insurance from an agent, choose a specially certified one from the insurance association. There is nothing wrong, you ask the agent to show the special certificate before making a purchase to avoid cases of deception.

Also ask the agent anything about insurance that you don’t understand. This includes reading the terms of the policy and understanding them.

4. Feeling not or do not need

The lack of public awareness of the importance of self-protection against risk is one of the reasons why insurance is less attractive. Yet if you think about it, bad things can happen anytime, anywhere, and happen to anyone indiscriminately.

Change the mindset about insurance and see the long-term benefits. Insurance is like providing an umbrella before it rains. Don’t after being exposed to risk, you just realize that buying insurance is too late.

Applying for insurance when you are sick, for example, will definitely make premiums more expensive. Or even your application can be rejected.

If you want to get cheap premiums, greater long-term benefits, then apply for insurance while you are young, healthy, and productive. You won’t lose, but you will gain.

5. The cost of insurance premiums varies

Different benefits, different premium costs to be paid. This is not an open secret anymore. Therefore, find out the needs of you and your family.

If you want to get maximum and comprehensive benefits with wider coverage, you have to be willing to pay more.

In order to avoid misunderstandings in the future, you should ask about this benefit to the insurance agent who offers the product to you. The goal is that you don’t feel wronged in the future.

6. Insurance products are confusing

The products and types of insurance offered vary. There is health insurance, life insurance, education insurance, vehicle insurance, to property insurance.

This does not necessarily make you confused because the benefits obtained are in accordance with the type of product. If you apply for health insurance, it is certain that the benefits are to bear financial losses due to health risks.

While life insurance, covers or provides compensation to the heirs if you as the backbone of the family dies.

What do you think?

Written by Hilman Wijaya

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