6 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins!

6 Ways to Get Free Bitcoins

As time goes by, Bitcoin is increasingly widely known and attracts a lot of public interest in owning Bitcoin. However, many people who only know that Bitcoin is expensive but don’t really know what the price of 1 Bitcoin is. Then, how much is 1 Bitcoin actually?

1 Bitcoin alone as of February 25, 2020 is worth Rp. 711,727,501,-. From this price, of course, many of you are starting to think how exactly do you get bitcoins that are safe and fast? Well, after knowing the price of 1 Bitcoin in rupiah, now we will discuss how to get Bitcoin safely below!

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Easy and Safe Way to Get Bitcoin

As we know bitcoin allows you to send or receive money only through the internet network. In addition, Bitcoin can also be disbursed into several forms of currency, including rupiah. However, keep in mind that the difference between Bitcoin and state currencies is that its supply is limited, unlike state currencies which can be continuously controlled by the country’s Central Bank.

In addition, Bitcoin only has a total supply of 21 million controlled by the underlying algorithm and does not have a single institution controlling the network. Then, what is the best way to get bitcoin?

  • Getting Bitcoins from Other Users

The first way to get bitcoin is to receive it from other users. Because this is the easiest way for those who are new. This method can indeed be done because its function is the same as conventional money, namely as a medium of exchange in all types of transactions.

The development of increasingly sophisticated technology also makes the process of getting bitcoins possible by transfer like cash in general. The transfer method is to use a bitcoin wallet address.

  • Bitcoin Mining (Menambang Bitcoin)

Bitcoin Mining or mining can also be one way for you to get bitcoin. But the drawback of this method is that it cannot be done individually or must be done with several users simultaneously. For its own use remains flexible.

To mine bitcoin you need to prepare several things, be it hardware or software. Then, also make sure you understand how the system works so you can find out whether it is successful or not to mine this bitcoin.

  • Airdrops

Airdrops can also be one way. Airdrops are a trading strategy from a company to provide Cryptocurrency for free without any previous terms and conditions. Requirements that need to be done is like mem- follow or Me- retweet other posts.

However, by using Airdrops, these conditions do not have to be met. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for rupiah through exchange sites on the internet. 

  • Affiliate

Bitcoin affiliate is also a link for activities to promote something. Later users will post a link on their website and then they will get a reward in the form of Bitcoin in every impression of the ad they promote.

This method is relatively easy to do because the link can be obtained in 2 ways, namely by exchanging crypto from fiat money to crypto and from crypto to crypto. This is important to understand, especially for those who are new to getting bitcoin.

  • Writing Information About Cryptocurrencies

Another way is to write articles or information related to cryptocurrencies. The expertise or skills you have in this field will be very helpful, because you will get bitcoins easily. However, make sure the information or news you load is informative, clear and has a purpose.

  • Buy Bitcoin

Although this method of getting bitcoin is not free, this method is one of the easiest and fastest ways to buy it. But, make sure you first download the Bitcoin wallet so you can make transactions. Next, by creating an account to exchange Cryptocurrency provided by your bitcoin wallet provider. 

Usually you can do the exchange using a credit card, debit to PayPal. The marketplace itself that provides money exchange with cryptocurrencies is Bitstamp, Coinbase, Bitfinex to Coinmama.

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That’s information about the price of 1 Bitcoin, how many rupiahs to how to get bitcoins that are most commonly used by many people. The use of Bitcoin is not like conventional money, therefore make sure to understand the terms, conditions and how to use Bitcoin itself so that it can be used more optimally.

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