AXA Mandiri Life Insurance: Types of Products, How to Buy, to Claims

AXA Mandiri Life Insurance Types of Products, How to Buy, to Claims

In this uncertain condition, having insurance is certainly the right choice. Insurance is something that is quite vital because it is able to provide comfort and protection in life if things happen that are not desirable. The reason is, when a risk occurs, such as illness or death, the insurance company will cover the risk in the form of sum assured or compensation. That is why many insurance companies have sprung up that offer a variety of life insurance products. One of them is AXA Mandiri life insurance. You need to know that in its application, AXA Mandiri is more focused on providing life protection, even though this company also has insurance products or other protection.

In this article, Qoala will discuss more about AXA Mandiri life insurance , from products, how to buy, to how to claim insurance. Read more, come on!

What is AXA Mandiri?

AXA Mandiri is a joint venture between PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk and AXA Group which is engaged in insurance. The company started its business in December 2003 with a wide selection of products that include life insurance , health insurance, general insurance, critical illness insurance, pension insurance, to corporate or business solutions .

Then since February 11, 2004, AXA Mandiri began marketing insurance products through banks known as bancassurance . In running the insurance business, AXA Mandiri already has a license and is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Service is the main thing that AXA Mandiri provides to its customers, for that AXA Mandiri provides more than 1,900 financial advisors to more than 1,100 Bank Mandiri branch offices and 200 Bank Mandiri Syariah branch offices. AXA Mandiri’s life insurance products include unit link insurance and pure life insurance.

Available, Reliable, Attentive, and Easy to Deal are the vision and mission that AXA Mandiri wants to realize for its customers in providing protection.

For this reason, AXA Mandiri continues to focus on providing solutions for customers according to their needs, both in terms of financial services, investment , as well as protection of lives and assets.

Types of AXA Mandiri Life Insurance Products

AXA Mandiri life insurance provides protection and coverage to customers in the event of a risk of death, permanent disability, and personal accident. The protection you get depends on the product you choose and the amount of premium you pay every month. The following are the types of products offered by AXA Mandiri life insurance and their benefits.

  1. Mandiri Legacy Plan Platinum Insurance
    Mandiri Legacy Plan Platinum Insurance is one of the best life insurance products from AXA Mandiri which is suitable for protecting yourself and your family.

This AXA Mandiri insurance provides several benefits, including: death or disability protection due to accidents, death protection due to national aviation accidents, additional insurance such as critical illness and health, investment allocation bonuses and loyalty bonuses.

This type of insurance charges premiums starting from IDR 50 million per year with an initial sum insured of IDR 3 billion, loyalty bonus of up to 75%, and an investment allocation of 1.5% of the premium paid.

  1. Mandiri Legacy Plan Titanium Insurance
    Mandiri Legacy Plan Titanium Insurance is still one parent with Mandiri Legacy Plan Titanium Insurance. The benefits provided are also the same. What makes the difference is the annual fee, the initial sum assured, the amount of the loyalty bonus and the investment allocation provided.

For Mandiri Legacy Plan Titanium Insurance, the premiums to be paid start from Rp. 120 million per year with an initial sum insured of Rp. 5 billion, loyalty bonus of up to 125%, and an investment allocation of 5% of the premium paid.

  1. Prosperous Protection Mandiri Insurance
    The next product from AXA Mandiri’s life insurance is Mandiri Prosperous Life Protection. This insurance provides protection to customers in the event of a risk of death due to any cause.

The benefits of this insurance include providing life protection up to the age of 100 years, providing the maximum sum insured according to family needs, as well as a lifetime loyalty bonus starting from the 7th year until the age of 100 years.

The premium that must be paid to get this insurance protection is IDR 3.6 million per year with entry ages ranging from 18 years to 70 years.

  1. Mandiri Secure Wealth Insurance
    Mandiri Secure Wealth Insurance is a life insurance from AXA Mandiri that provides benefits of 100% of the basic sum insured if there is a risk of death due to any cause. In addition, this product also provides an additional benefit of death due to an accident of 50% of the basic coverage.

Not only that, customers will also get cash benefits provided during the insurance period with the condition that the insured is alive and the insurance policy is active . The annual premium for Mandiri Secure Wealth Insurance is IDR 12 million per year.

  1. Mandiri Syariah Prosperous Protection
    The features offered by Mandiri Syariah Prosperous Protection are almost the same as Mandiri Prosperous Protection Insurance. AXA Mandiri Syariah life insurance also provides life protection up to the age of 100 with a lifetime loyalty bonus starting from the 7th year to the age of 100 years.

However, what makes the difference is that there is an additional underwriting surplus feature (according to the policy provisions) as well as a waqf feature in Mandiri Syariah Prosperous Protection Insurance because it runs life insurance with sharia principles .

  1. Prestige Investment Mandiri Insurance
    Another AXA Mandiri life insurance product is Asuransi Mandiri Investasi Prestige. This product is an insurance that provides basic protection when the insured dies.

The benefits offered include additional insurance according to family needs and flexibility in determining investment strategies. In the event that insurance benefits cannot be provided, this insurance will continue to provide the accumulated investment value until a claim is made.

The annual premium of Asuransi Mandiri Investasi Prestige is Rp. 12 million per year.

  1. Mandiri Elite Plan Syariah Insurance
    Mandiri Elite Plan Syariah Insurance is a life insurance from AXA Mandiri that provides 100% basic insurance compensation if the customer dies during the insurance period with sharia principles without usury .

Some of the benefits of this life insurance include providing loyalty bonuses, competitive ujrah acquisitions, additional compensation of 100% of the basic insurance if the insured dies while performing Umrah/Hajj , as well as an underwriting surplus . The amount of the contribution to get all these benefits is IDR 25 million per year.

  1. Elite Plan Mandiri Insurance
    Mandiri Elite Plan Insurance provides life protection until the insured is 100 years old. This product from AXA Mandiri life insurance also provides investment value management services that develop according to market conditions.

So, this insurance not only provides life protection, but also provides an attractive investment value.

  1. AXA Mandiri Self Protection
    AXA Mandiri Proteksi Diri is a life insurance from AXA Mandiri that provides benefits in the form of death benefits. This insurance has a coverage period of 1 year with customers aged 18 to 60 years.
  2. Mandiri Protection Insurance
    The last product of AXA Mandiri life insurance is Mandiri Protection Insurance which provides coverage to Bank Mandiri credit card owners with financial and health insurance for the owner and his family when an unwanted risk occurs.

The benefits provided include compensation for death, permanent total disability and temporary total disability.

The minimum premium billed is 0.55% of the total monthly bill.

Benefits of having AXA Mandiri Life Insurance

Some of the benefits that you will get by having AXA Mandiri life insurance include:

  1. Complete and Comprehensive Protection and Compensation
    Get life protection and compensation for death caused by any cause, either due to illness or accident .
  2. Long Insurance Life
    Get protection and coverage until the age of 100 years.
  3. Diverse Product Choices
    A wide selection of insurance products and premiums so that they can be tailored to your needs and abilities.
  4. Additional Investment Value
    There is an investment value whose amount is adjusted to market conditions.
  5. Easy Payment
    There is a choice of ways to a simple and complete payment system.
  6. Layanan Financial Advisor
    Availability of financial advisors that are widespread and reach all over Indonesia.
  7. Easy and Fast Claim
    The insurance claim process offered by AXA Mandiri is easy and fast for each type of coverage selected according to the agreed policy.
  8. AXA Mandiri Call Center Service
    Services call center AXA Mandiri are ready at a moment in serving the frequently asked questions about insurance from AXA Mandiri.

Terms of Applying for AXA Mandiri Life Insurance

The following are the requirements and procedures for applying to become a participant in AXA Mandiri life insurance that you need to know:

Indonesian citizen, proven by identity such as ID card or passport.
Minimum age 18 years and maximum 70 years.
The age of the insured can start from the age of 15 days to 70 years.
Complete the requested documents and personal data.
Pay the initial fee or initial premium according to the selected product selection and the agreed policy terms.

How to Buy AXA Mandiri Life InsuranceAfter knowing the requirements to become a participant of AXA Mandiri life insurance, you also need to know how to buy AXA Mandiri insurance. How to buy AXA Mandiri life insurance can be done online or offline .

In the past, insurance purchases could only be made through insurance agents, now you can buy them online with an integrated system. Simply open the official AXA Mandiri website, namely , then register.

Enter complete personal data and information then Login. After that, you can immediately buy the desired insurance product according to your needs. Later, you can also check your AXA Mandiri balance through the website .

In addition, you can also leave your personal data on the website page for further contact by AXA Mandiri. This needs to be done if you are still a little confused about the insurance products offered. Later, the insurance company will help find the most appropriate life insurance for you.

How to Pay AXA Mandiri Life Insurance Premium

After you are officially registered as a customer and have an AXA Mandiri life insurance product, then you need to pay insurance premiums. Insurance premiums can be paid monthly or annually according to ability.

AXA Mandiri life insurance premium payment methods are as follows:

  1. Auto Debit Payment from Bank Mandiri Account
    Payment for life insurance and health insurance can be made through Bank Mandiri. This method can be processed by filling out a debit authorization letter contained in each SPAJ (Life Insurance Application Letter).
  2. Auto Debit Payments Only For Advanced Premium Payments
    Make sure the debit account number is active, namely 070-000-499999-6 an Bank Mandiri Cab. Gatot Subroto – Jakarta or 070-000-466666-0 an Bank Mandiri Cab. Gatot Subroto – Jakarta.

How to Claim AXA Mandiri Life Insurance

Here’s how to claim and how to disburse AXA Mandiri life insurance that you need to know:

  1. Complete the claim submission form
    First, complete the claim submission form according to the type of insurance claim to be submitted. Make sure all forms are filled in with the correct data, starting from the identity number and name, member number, name of the policyholder, and so on.
  2. Include original documents, medical records, bills, and death certificates
    Make sure all documents are attached completely, from prescriptions, hospital bills, original medical records, death certificates , to other supporting documents. Don’t forget to photocopy all these documents so that you have a duplicate if the original documents are submitted to the insurance.
  3. Include the claim submission form along with all required supporting documents
    After the claim submission form has been filled in completely, then submit the form along with all supporting documents to PT AXA Mandiri Financial Services (AMFS) directly or via email for each product or type of claim.

Tips for Choosing AXA Life Insurance Products

Have you heard the news about AXA Mandiri being a fraud? Yes, we often hear this news in several media. There are some customers who feel cheated when buying AXA Mandiri life insurance because they lost tens of millions of money when withdrawing insurance. This actually happened because they did not fully understand insurance products.

Generally, customers who feel cheated are customers who buy unit-linked insurance products , which are a combination of insurance and investment. In fact, investment itself certainly contains risks, in contrast to savings whose returns tend to be certain.

Meanwhile, in investment, it is natural for losses to occur due to the ups and downs of market conditions. So, when the investment returns do not match the initial simulation offered by AXA Mandiri, it is very reasonable.

  1. Know the Type of Life Insurance Product to Choose
    That’s why you need to understand how the insurance system works before actually choosing a life insurance product . There are 2 types of life insurance, namely unit link insurance and pure life insurance, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

a. Life Insurance Unit Link
The advantages and disadvantages of unit link insurance include:

  • Advantages of Unit Link Life Insurance
  • There is additional protection
  • Long coverage period
  • Premium is not forfeited
  • There is an investment feature
  • Double benefits, namely insurance and investment at the same time
  • Disadvantages of Unit Link Life Insurance
  • Less than maximum investment benefits
  • High premium
  • Small protection value
  • No guarantee of profit
  • b. Pure Life Insurance
  • While the advantages and disadvantages of pure life insurance include:
  • Advantages of Pure Life Insurance
  • Premiums are cheap and affordable
  • Big sum assured
  • Minimal risk because there is no investment element
  • Disadvantages of Pure Life Insurance
  • Premiums are forfeited if there is no accident during the coverage period
  • After the coverage period is over, insurance protection is lost
  • After knowing how the characteristics of life insurance are, of course you need tips on choosing the following AXA Mandiri life insurance products so that you get the protection you need and don’t feel disadvantaged. Anything?
  1. Adjust to Needs
    The second tip for choosing AXA Mandiri life insurance is to understand the needs of yourself and your family.

If you are the head of the family or the breadwinner in the family, it is very important to have life insurance .

Make sure the life insurance product you choose is also in accordance with your needs and also the ability to pay premiums. If you want to get pure insurance protection, then choose pure life insurance from AXA Mandiri.

However, if you want to invest at the same time, then unit link insurance can be chosen. But remember, each option has its own risks that you must understand beforehand.

  1. Learn Product Benefits and Claim Procedure
    It is important for you to learn about the benefits of insurance products before actually buying them. Ask the insurance agent about the benefits of the product and how to claim it.

Also ask the claim terms and exceptions so that you understand from the start about the product. Feel free to ask and study it in detail.

  1. Careful in Reading Police
    After getting the policy, read the policy carefully and make sure the contents of the policy are the same as the initial agreement with the insurance agent. If something does not match, you can request a change or cancellation of the policy.

Other Insurance Products Offered by AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri does not only offer life insurance products , there are many other products owned by this insurance company.

AXA Mandiri Insurance also offers education insurance options. Other products include ordinary/general health insurance, international exclusive health insurance , old age insurance, asset protection, critical illness insurance, as well as corporate solutions from AXA Mandiri. You can choose all of these products according to your needs and abilities.

Apart from insurance, Mandiri also offers Mandiri Sekuritas for those of you who want to invest.

Choosing an AXA Mandiri life insurance product, of course, needs to be considered carefully. The reviews above are expected to help you in getting the most appropriate life insurance product according to your needs. In addition, you can also get other best life insurance options through the Qoala App which provides various insurance products with attractive premiums. And lastly, don’t forget to visit the Qoala Blog for accurate insurance information!

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