Fee Trading by Binance Low Fee

Fee Trading by Binance

Hello Traders, this time we will discuss trading fees on the Binance exchange . maybe before making a trade make sure you always calculate the trading fee so that later it is thought that you are profiting instead of losing because you bear a fairly large trading fee. and at this time I will inform you of a market that seems to still have the largest volume in the world, namely Binance. The following are the trading fees that we have to pay when buying and selling bitcoin or altcoins on Binance.

Daftar Fee Trading di Binance

fee trading in binance spot market

You need to know, the withdrawal fee for each coin is different, and the table above is the transaction fee for buying and selling digital assets on the spot market. As we know, currently Binance does not only provide the spot market, but also margin trading and futures trading, just like what I’m playing right now.

Of all the global markets I’ve tried, Binance seems to be the most competitive in terms of fees. that’s why until now I still trust binance as a platform for crypto trading from the last 3 years.

Well, for those of you who play futures trading on Binance, below is a list of transaction fees for futures on Binance based on market takers and market makers.

binance futures fee

Like the Spot market and futures market, in the list above there are various fee levels. to get a smaller fee there are 2 ways, namely increasing your trading volume. or by storing BNB coins in your binance wallet. then you will automatically get a trading fee discount.

This trading fee is also very useful when you arbitrage coins from one market to another because of the difference in price differences to get a profit.

In conclusion: currently binance is indeed the most comfortable place to trade digital assets such as bitcoin and altcoins, what do you think?

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What do you think?

Written by Hilman Wijaya

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