Various Ways to Get Bitcoin Without Mining You Need to Know

Various Ways to Get Bitcoin Without Mining You Need to Know

In recent years, the investment world was shocked by the presence of Bitcoin. Before starting a transaction, it’s a good idea to know in advance how to get Bitcoin. 

Glints has prepared a brief explanation of what Bitcoin is and how to get it below. 

Come on, see more!

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What is Bitcoin?

Before finding out how to get Bitcoin, here is a brief explanation of what Bitcoin is.

Reporting from Investopedia , Bitcoin is a digital currency ( cryptocurrency ) that was created in 2009 after the property and housing market experienced a crash.

Bitcoin does not have a physical form, but balances that are stored in a ledger and can be accessed by the public.

To send and receive Bitcoins, you need to download a Bitcoin wallet.

There are five types of Bitcoin wallets, namely mobile, web, desktop, hardware, and paper wallets . For your own paper wallet , you can make one from the Wallet Generator site . 

All transactions will later enter or exit through the wallet.

Bitcoin itself can be used for transactions from anywhere, because the currency used is the same.

How to Get Bitcoin

1. Buying Bitcoin

The easiest way to get Bitcoin, of course, is to buy it.

As mentioned earlier, you need to download -Download wallet Bitcoin to make transactions.

The next step is to create an account to exchange cryptocurrency provided by your Bitcoin wallet provider .

Usually, you can make the exchange using a debit card, credit, or PayPal.  

Some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces are Bitfinex , Bitstamp , Coinbase , and Coinmama .

2. Play online games

Reporting from Hubspot , another way to earn Bitcoin is by playing online games .

There are some games that will pay their players using Bitcoin. But usually, there are a lot of ads in the game .

Some examples of games that can be played on mobile phones include Alien Run, Bitcoin Aliens, Free Bitcoin, Abundance, and many more.

If you don’t want to play games full of ads, you can follow Bitcoin casinos.

The way it works is that you have to bet the Bitcoins you already have or your own money, in traditional casino games .  

So, you just have to expect the results to be more than what is at stake. 

Fun is not it?

3. Work online

The next way to earn Bitcoin is by working online .

Maybe you are wondering, what kind of jobs can be paid with Bitcoin?

You can check out the list on the BitcoinGet site and sign up right away to do some work from there. 

There are also several websites that provide Bitcoin as a reward for their visitors who are willing to answer the questionnaire that has been prepared.Also Read: Investment While Helping the Country’s Development? Let’s get acquainted with SBR!

4. Read classic books

Giving people the opportunity to earn Bitcoin through games and doing work for various websites is common.

However, when else can you read a book and get rewarded in the form of Bitcoin?

PaidBooks provides an opportunity for book lovers to read their collection of classic books and earn crypto money in return. 

There are more than 600 classic books available on the site.

You can fill your spare time by reading books and getting Bitcoins for free.

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5. Write about cryptocurrencies

Another way to earn Bitcoin is by writing.

Well, what is meant by writing here is not just ordinary writing, but about cryptocurrencies ( cryptocurrency ) such as Bitcoin and others. 

Of course you have to learn about cryptocurrencies in depth to do this job.

You can find writing jobs that will pay you in Bitcoin on sites like Coinality and Bitcointalk .

In fact, Bitcointalk allows you to advertise your product or business in your posts .

Very interesting, isn’t it?

6. Take advantage of your own expertise

Are you good at digital marketing , translation, or even singing or other arts?

Reporting from BitDegree Tutorials , you can offer any service in a marketplace or online forum , and ask for payment in Bitcoin or maybe other cryptocurrencies. 

So you can ‘sell’ your talents and skills, then get Bitcoin in return.

Very easy and interesting, right?

7. P2P Transactions

Another unique way to earn Bitcoin is by conducting peer-to-peer lending (P2P) transactions .

How the hell, how? Is it the same as the usual P2P system?

Just like P2P in general, you can give Bitcoin loans and get a return from the Bitcoin that has been lent. 

Reporting from Bitcoin News , there are several P2P sites that you can use such as Agora Desk , Bisq , Localbitcoins , Hodlhodl , and many more.

As a lender , you can look for sites that can provide greater returns . Whereas as a borrower, you can do the opposite. 

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You just have to search and choose the site that suits your needs.Also Read: Want to Start Investing? Watch Out for These Common Mistakes

Well, that’s her brief explanation of what Bitcoin is and how to get it. 

Hopefully you can do one of the seven ways described above, yes.

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Written by Hilman Wijaya

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